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* Lunch and Learns

* Conference workshop sessions

* Keynote speeches

This 12-week individual coaching program will focus on that ONE area you want to Be Better at. We will dive deep. Being Better is about being better today than yesterday. Being Better is an active process. Being Better involves change. If you know you need a change, this program is for you.  We will cover:

B - Best Life    B - Breaking point to

E - Ever                  Breaking through

                         E - Exiting the box

                         T - Trust

                         T - Transformation

                         E - Expectations

                         R - Responsibility

The fee for this 12-week coaching program is $975, payable at 3 monthly payments of $325.

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This 12-week individual coaching program is designed to help you get clear about the cause of that constant feeling that your life is destined for something much different from your day-to-day life. Your purpose is calling! Once you gain clarity, I will coach you to a plan for a more satisfying life. We will cover:

P - Purpose

U - Urges (internal and external)

R - Responsibility

P - Perfect Day (yours, not someone else's)

O - Out of the Box

S - Strategy

E - Effect

The fee for this 12-week coaching program is $975, payable at 3 monthly payments of $325.

Get to the Root Consult

 The date for the next group will be announced soon!

Affirm Your Life Now

8-Week Online

Group Training

Dianne Hart Wellness, LLC

 The date for the next group will be announced soon! 

This 30-minute session with Dianne Pettis, Family Nurse Practitioner is a time you can ask general questions about holistic (mind/body/spirit) health. Dianne has worked in various areas: NICU, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, STD/HIV, Faith-based ministries, and Home Health. Dianne will NOT be diagnosing conditions or prescribing treatment during these sessions. The session fee is $45.00. 

Complimentary​Transformation Call

Holistic Health Q & A Session

There are many reasons why people get or stay sick. The reasons are not always obvious. The mind-body-spiritual clues often bury themselves. In this 90-minute consult, Dianne will use her intuitive gifts in addition to her background as a Nurse Practitioner to help uncover barriers to healing. There will be one 90-minute interview/consultation session. Afterward, Dianne will prepare a written report that will be discussed, then given to you at a follow-up session. The $160.00 fee includes the initial session, report, and the follow-up session. Book only the initial 90-minute session at this time. The follow-up session will be booked at a later time. 

​At the end of the day, can you honestly say you were better today than you were yesterday? We all want something better - better health, better finances, better relationships, etc. This 12-week (weekly) online group program is somewhat of a hybrid coaching and mastermind session. Each week, we will address an important life area that we can tweak a bit. Any improvement in one area of your life is sure to positively impact the other areas. You don't have to be perfect; just better. The fee for the 12-week session is $525, payable at 3 monthly payments of $175.

Let's be better!

This 8-week (weekly) online group session is based on Dianne's affirmation workbook/journal, 'Affirm Your Life Now: Using Affirmations to Attract the Prosperous Life You Were Meant to Have'. The sessions will cover what affirmations are, how they work, how to use them effectively, and the process that will help you write powerful statements. You will learn techniques to increase your vibrations, thereby attracting those things you desire. The group process during these live online sessions will give you the benefits of both coaching and mastermind interactions. The session fee of $175.00 includes your choice of either the e-book or hard copy version of 'Affirm Your Life Now'. Each session will have 60 minutes of content/interaction followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.  

Group Coaching 

  • Complimentary Transformation Call
  • Getting to the Root Consult 
  • Holistic Health Q & A Session
  • Affirm Your Life Now 8-week Group Training Sessions
  • Live Your Purpose 12-week Individual Coaching Program
  • The Be Better Blueprint 12-week Group Coaching Program
  • The Be Better Blueprint 12-week Individual Coaching Program
  • 1-Day Intensive Seminar: Affirm Your Life Now   *Date TBD
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • ​Conference Workshop Sessions
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Therapeutic Essential oils Treatment (Local only)  *Contact for information

The Be Better Blueprint

12-Week Online

Group Coaching

​Individual Coaching

Live Your Purpose!​

Individual Coaching

In this 20 minute call, we'll find out if we're a good match to work together.  I help people heal, find purpose, and affirm their lives through self-discovery.  I can help you get clear on what needs to happen for you to live your life in a way that your soul is nudging you to do.

The Be Better Blueprint

​Individual Coaching